Friday, March 15, 2019

Emily's New Book is HERE!

Stop by the Cable Natural History Museum or Redbery Books to pick up a copy in person. 

Or order it online here

Do you also love finding adventure and intrigue in strange places? Emily Stone’s second book transports you across the moat into a magical world where nature is better than fiction. Elfin skimmer dragonflies dart above the incredible community cupped inside a single leaf. A leaf miner grows up before your eyes. Lichens surrender in order to survive. By using science to tell stories, Emily wields a magic that makes the whole world feel more alive.

Praise for Natural Connections 2:

Emily Stone highlights nature that often gets overlooked. From describing the adaptations of star-nosed moles, to examining how species came to arrive on Isle Royale, Emily has the rare ability to translate complex science concepts into readable and enjoyable essays for everyone. Her talent as an educator and gift for storytelling is evident on every page, as she weaves personal tales of exploration and curiosity throughout each season. The accompanying sketches add a charming element to this wonderful book. I will be revisiting both of the Natural Connections titles year after year.

-- Ken Keffer is an author and naturalist. His most notable works include Ranger Rick: National Parks and The Kids' Outdoor Adventure Book, winner of a National Outdoor Book Award. 

I expect to enjoy this Natural Connections book as much as the first one.

– Larry Weber, award winning science teacher and author of Spiders of the North Woods.

Emily M. Stone is a naturalist by birth, training, profession, and passion. Her childhood spent as a “mud and water daughter” led to a degree in outdoor education from Northland College and a Field Naturalist Master’s from the University of Vermont. As the Naturalist/Education Director at the Cable Natural History Museum in Cable, Wisconsin, Emily writes a weekly “Natural Connections” column published in more than twenty local and regional newspapers. She has earned several Excellence in Craft awards from the Outdoor Writers Association of America. Her first book, Natural Connections: Exploring Northwoods Nature through Science and Your Senses, was published in 2016.

Proceeds from this book benefit children’s nature education 
at the Cable Natural History Museum.

ISBN: 978-0-9972061-1-1

The interconnectedness of nature is a topic that fascinates adults and children alike. To schedule an hour-long, illustrated presentation based on the Natural Connections book, contact Emily at This engaging talk is perfect for libraries, bookstores, lake associations, conferences, and other community groups!

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